What's New:

Beginning Tues 1/17/17 We are having a Tag sale.  Items have colored stickers indicating 50%, 40%, 30% and 20% discounts.  This is the best sale we've had in 14 years!

Come and take advange of it!   Our brick and mortar store at this location is closing 2/23/17

Alex and Ani Liberty Copper collection is here and going quick!  We have one coin left and have the bangles, spoon rings & kindred cords in that collection.  We also have Numerology, Chain Station, birthstone rings, kindred cords, and the new 2016 Holiday collections as well.  Huge selection of Rose Gonzales adjustable bracelets.  Stop by and visit us at the store.  While you shop we will clean your rings.  Thank you to those who have supported  Main Street business!


What's New

Q-Evon Cuff
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